Saturday, September 15, 2012

Cisco VPN Client connects with VZAccess Manager, unable to see remote network.

I got a new Pantech UML290 to replace my old 3G modem. I uninstalled my old VZAccess Manager and installed the new VZAccess Manager for my new modem. It connects just fine, I can reach the internet. My Cisco VPN Client also connected and authenticated but I could not reach my corporate network.

  1. Close your VPN Connection and any open applications.
  2. Launch VZAccess Manager
  3. Go to Options > Preferences > Connect
  4. Change Device Operating Mode from Windows Mobile Broadband to LAN Adapter
  5. Click OK on the alert.
  6. Your VZAccess Manager will now pretty much reset and restart.
You should now have access to your corporate network.

This was done on the following PC:
Windows 7 Pro x64
Cisco VPN Client
VZAccess Manager (2767c)
Pantech UML290


Anonymous said...

perfect, thank you!

Anonymous said...

Thank you, most helpful!